Sunday, 6 May 2012


Ah lovely winter.It is still autumn here of course,for another month or so,however becoming accustomed to sniffly noses,cold mornings and rainy days is something I will never get used to!!
Winter can be an especially difficult time for your skin,and mine is no exception.No matter how much moisturiser I slather on,or how much TLC I give to my hands and nails,I never manage to avoid the dread dry,flaky skin! Below are a few of the products I regularly turn to when the weather becomes not so nice.

Ideally,your regular skincare routine should be tweaked a little once the warmer weather subsides.Switching to creamier cleansers,and using a super-hydrating moisturiser,works wonders for the skin!.

*Dove Damage Therapy Dry Repair Daily Conditioner Treatment.
This is the perfect product to use when my hair starts feeling a little drier or damaged.Dove's products are quite moisturing,however as my hair becomes greasy quite easily,I tend to avoid using them regularly.This little beauty though,is a perfect weekly treat,and easy on the wallet as well.

*Natio Spa Detoxifying Clay Face & Body Mask.
I picked this up recently in a value pack,and have since used up the matching,and equally lovely,shower gel.This creamy product is perfect when getting up and into the shower on those cold mornings.It has a rather earthy and uplifting scent,perfect for easing into the wake up mode! I tend to use this as a cleanser also.Will be repurchasing once I hit empty,as I love using products that feel natural,and use pure Australian Ingredients including Natural White Clay,Olive Leaf extract,Chamomile & Rosehip.

*Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Natural Bronze Body Lotion.
Nothing beats the smell of cocoa butter,and this product is regularly purchased year round.Ironically,I usually don't tend to follow a fake tan regime throughout summer...but when winter rolls around and the complexion starts to get a little pasty,I turn to this.Goes on like a dream,leaves a subtle glow which can be built up with numerous applications,and again is value for money.I am quite wary when it comes to experimenting with fake tan products,however have never had streaky or uneven results from this bargain buy.5 stars from me.

*Lancome Galateis Douceur Gentle Softening Cleansing Fluid Face & Eyes.
Lastly,this little find has been sitting,neglected,in my beauty stash.I picked this travel sized product up last year sometime,and when I came across it the other week,decided I had to give it a try.Perfect for makeup removal on the go,the creamy texture is super gentle on the skin.I have been using this product alongside the muslin cloths from my Liz Earle Cleanser,and find my skin feels soft and not dry in the slightest afterwards.I don't think I'll be purchasing the product again,it is lovely,however I don't think I can justify buying a high-end cleanser,when it is so much easier to pick up something more reasonably priced.Something to have handy on occasion.

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