Sunday, 27 May 2012

Autumn Leaves are falling....

Just a little fashion-inspired post in between studying for mid year exams....Anything to keep me sane!
I've always been an Autumn girl (being born in April, of course), it's that perfect in between period where things start to cool down,however you can still get away with a light cardi and tights most days.... Colours I'm lusting after this season are mustard,plum, and burnt orange.Orange or tangerine,to be specific has being hot on the radar for a while now,from clothing to lipsticks....It will be nice to see a more muted version as the colder months start rolling round.As always,basics in black,and a leather piece(which never goes out of style) can be added as well.
Above are a few of the items I'm currently lusting after.
Back to the books for me,bye for now Xox

Saturday, 12 May 2012

NARS Hanamichi Kabuki Palette.

I've oohed and ahhed over NARS product many a time before,however their slightly pricey range means I more often admire their products than purchase! I came across this beautiful palette this lazy Sunday afternoon.Isn't it gorgeous! I believe this palette came out late last year as part of NAR's Limited Edition Holiday Gift Offering,however it is still reasonably easy to purchase online..I picked up one today from Amazon. Again,quite pricey,but surely you're allowed a treat now and then? ;) ...I anticipate having some trouble using it for fear of ruining the beautiful,oriental-inspired pattern!

NARS Hanamichi Kabuki-Inspired Eyeshadow Palette Holiday 2011 Gifting - Lo Res

Oh, Illamasqua.

Hello there,just a little ramble in between study and ENDLESS cups of tea....I'm gearing up for exams and yet can't keep from wasting my time of facebook,reading blogs etc etc.I am the queen of procrastination!.This post has been inspired by my new found love for ILLAMASQUA..Having stopped by one of their counters in the city recently,and soon falling in love with their weird,wonderful and theatrical inspired makeup,I decided to dedicate a little post to my new obsession.I've often watched Youtube tutorials on creating quite crazy,'out there' looks,always of course using Illamasqua products,but had never thought much more of them.I have always been of the belief that makeup and fashion are a personal form of art,and while many of these looks are not entirely wearable,they do of course look AMAZING

                                                           *Illamasqua Myer Sydney opening

P.S: If you love quirky,theatrical makeup looks such as this,then definitely head over and have a peek at some creations by the lovely Pixiwoo girls on Youtube for inspiration.
Back to the books for me,bye for now :)

Thursday, 10 May 2012


Now,some people may wonder why I've decided to ramble on about Topshop,however Australia has only recently joined the gang,and opened their very first store in Melbourne late last year.
Often while watching the odd Youtube haul,or scrawling through my favourite blogs,I spy something and think 'Oooh,I love that',only to realise that it isn't available here.Maybe it's the simple thrill of having something new and different to lust after,I don't know...But nevertheless,I made my way down to the city yesterday for a little look.After missing two trains,and then eventually deciding to make our way by car,we got there.

Oh my,the shoes!!

Disappointing to say,after all that time in there I only purchased a couple of things,however after leaving,decided to make a list of some of the things I'm lusting after.Any excuse to go back,I say!

.....Here's what I picked up:

                                                           *Topshop Nails in 'Phenomena'
*Topshop cream blush in 'Head over heels'

......And here's what I'm lusting after(which I should have bought without hestitation!)                                                                                        

Topshop faux leather pants. $35

I was enticed by the cute,spotted packaging,although I wouldn't usually spend $12 on a nail varnish-scrupulous shopper that I am! The colour is a lovely,moss green though,and I look forward to trying it out.
Generally,I'm not too fond about cream blushers.They just never seem quite right on my skin,and I don't achieve the subtle,blended effect I am after.After trying out this little beauty however,I was pleased with the soft,natural flush it left on my apples,and for a budget-end product,I think it does the trick well!

On my way home, I also picked up this cheap and cheerful palette.Impulse spending at its best,but I thought the packaging was cute :)

W7 77 Colour Palette.$10.

Palettes are fantastic and I think it's worth having a few cheaper ones on hand,especially if you like to experiment with colours like I do!The pigmentation is quite good,and I think almost any look could be completed with the range of shades.So there you have,my bit of shopping for the day...not much,however the weight in my little coin stash is increasing due to my dedicated saving plan-it will all be worth it once I have booked that trip and I'm already daydreaming about all the exciting places we hope to go to.
Bye for now :)

Monday, 7 May 2012

Baby,it's cold outside.

Just a little snap of today's face.I tend to keep my everyday makeup quite neutral and simple.
As the weather starts cooling down,adding a pop of colour on the lips keeps things interesting,and brightens my mood a little at the same time!

*Products used:

*Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation in 100 Ivory
*Maybelline Fit Me! Pressed Powder in 120 Classic Ivory
*Lancome Oil Free Powder Blush in Evening Affair
*Rimmel Glam' Eyes Liquid Liner in Black
*ModelCo Fibre Lash Extension Mascara

Little Bag of Goodies

Over the weekend,my boyfriend was lovely enough to snap up this little bag of goodies from a fundraiser auction at his local football club(with myself in mind of course).
In terms of haircare,my routine has been quite lacklustre of late.Being busy with work and never ending piles of study means paying very little attention to my locks before racing out the door each day!

I've not used anything from the Redken product range before,either.


*Time Reset Shampoo & Conditioner
*Style Connection Powder Refresh 01 Dry Shampoo(not pictured)
*All Soft shampoo & conditioner sample sachets
*Redken For Men Liquid Pomade Loose Ends sample sachets

Initially when I saw what was inside,I was a little disappointed.The shampoo/conditioner are designed for combatting porous and age-weakened hair,so perhaps someone quite a bit older than me?.Nevertheless,I decided to give them a whirl,and was pleased with the results.My hair was left feeling soft and silky, and easy to manage(which isn't the case often after washing my locks).The product also leaves a lovely,subtle scent on the hair,which I love.

After years of dying and treating my hair,you could say it is slightly on the porous side and often becomes quite dry on the ends,so I would recommend this to anyone with colour-treated locks,or in need of a little TLC.
As these products were created with the older woman in mind,this would be a perfect Mother's Day treat for the mother/mother-in-law I think.
I'm yet to try the dry shampoo or samples, and will be passing the men's samples onto the boy,but shall keep you posted on my thoughts!

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Eye Spy.

While picking up some goodies for Mother's Day the other day,after uni,I stumbled across the beauty isle of my local department store.Uh Oh.Had promised myself I wouldn't buy anything unnecessary this week,as I'm religiously saving for that ever-elusive trip around the world,which I hope to take next year sometime.Every cent counts,right?.Anway,I digress.On my way out,I picked up the ModelCo FibreLash mascara in my haste.Once home,it was promptly placed on my dresser,and there it sat,forgotten,for the rest of the week,until I decided to have a peek today.

Oh My! I'm no stranger to lengthening/thickening mascaras,however haven't seen anything similar to this before(surely serves me right for buying something without checking to see what it's all about!).
The product is double-ended,one side containing your regular mascara,and the other,containing these strange,fibery bits, I suppose.So the deal is,you apply a coat of mascara,followed by the fibres,then lastly,a finishing coat.
My thoughts? I personally found the mascara to be quite nice on its own.I have been pleased with ModelCo eye products in the past,and while this one lacked the definition I usually go for,my lashes did appear lengthened,as the product's name tells.
I found the fibre wand application to be a little irritating,and whilst applying the second coat of mascara,I wasn't entirely convinced that the fibres were actually staying on my lashes.I wouldn't recommend this to anyone with quite sensitive eyes,as some of the fibres did fall into my eye on application.Nice to try a little gimic every now and then,however I think I will stick to using falsh lashes and the occasional eyelash extensions-The results seemed too subtle to bother with all the fuss!
What whizz- bang gimmicy products have you decided to purchase lately?


Ah lovely winter.It is still autumn here of course,for another month or so,however becoming accustomed to sniffly noses,cold mornings and rainy days is something I will never get used to!!
Winter can be an especially difficult time for your skin,and mine is no exception.No matter how much moisturiser I slather on,or how much TLC I give to my hands and nails,I never manage to avoid the dread dry,flaky skin! Below are a few of the products I regularly turn to when the weather becomes not so nice.

Ideally,your regular skincare routine should be tweaked a little once the warmer weather subsides.Switching to creamier cleansers,and using a super-hydrating moisturiser,works wonders for the skin!.

*Dove Damage Therapy Dry Repair Daily Conditioner Treatment.
This is the perfect product to use when my hair starts feeling a little drier or damaged.Dove's products are quite moisturing,however as my hair becomes greasy quite easily,I tend to avoid using them regularly.This little beauty though,is a perfect weekly treat,and easy on the wallet as well.

*Natio Spa Detoxifying Clay Face & Body Mask.
I picked this up recently in a value pack,and have since used up the matching,and equally lovely,shower gel.This creamy product is perfect when getting up and into the shower on those cold mornings.It has a rather earthy and uplifting scent,perfect for easing into the wake up mode! I tend to use this as a cleanser also.Will be repurchasing once I hit empty,as I love using products that feel natural,and use pure Australian Ingredients including Natural White Clay,Olive Leaf extract,Chamomile & Rosehip.

*Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Natural Bronze Body Lotion.
Nothing beats the smell of cocoa butter,and this product is regularly purchased year round.Ironically,I usually don't tend to follow a fake tan regime throughout summer...but when winter rolls around and the complexion starts to get a little pasty,I turn to this.Goes on like a dream,leaves a subtle glow which can be built up with numerous applications,and again is value for money.I am quite wary when it comes to experimenting with fake tan products,however have never had streaky or uneven results from this bargain buy.5 stars from me.

*Lancome Galateis Douceur Gentle Softening Cleansing Fluid Face & Eyes.
Lastly,this little find has been sitting,neglected,in my beauty stash.I picked this travel sized product up last year sometime,and when I came across it the other week,decided I had to give it a try.Perfect for makeup removal on the go,the creamy texture is super gentle on the skin.I have been using this product alongside the muslin cloths from my Liz Earle Cleanser,and find my skin feels soft and not dry in the slightest afterwards.I don't think I'll be purchasing the product again,it is lovely,however I don't think I can justify buying a high-end cleanser,when it is so much easier to pick up something more reasonably priced.Something to have handy on occasion.

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Hello there! Obviously new to the 'blogging world' and I have discovered my technological abilities leave a LOT be desired(cringe). I started up this little blog with the idea of chattering about all the things that I,beauty,art,anything quirky and unique really <3.I'm 21 years young,currently a destitute university student(only kidding..or am I?),with a tendency to ramble on about all manner of things.
Hopefully some of you may find these so called ramblings interesting,and I hope to post some more of my going-ons soon!