Sunday, 27 May 2012

Autumn Leaves are falling....

Just a little fashion-inspired post in between studying for mid year exams....Anything to keep me sane!
I've always been an Autumn girl (being born in April, of course), it's that perfect in between period where things start to cool down,however you can still get away with a light cardi and tights most days.... Colours I'm lusting after this season are mustard,plum, and burnt orange.Orange or tangerine,to be specific has being hot on the radar for a while now,from clothing to lipsticks....It will be nice to see a more muted version as the colder months start rolling round.As always,basics in black,and a leather piece(which never goes out of style) can be added as well.
Above are a few of the items I'm currently lusting after.
Back to the books for me,bye for now Xox

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