Sunday, 6 May 2012

Eye Spy.

While picking up some goodies for Mother's Day the other day,after uni,I stumbled across the beauty isle of my local department store.Uh Oh.Had promised myself I wouldn't buy anything unnecessary this week,as I'm religiously saving for that ever-elusive trip around the world,which I hope to take next year sometime.Every cent counts,right?.Anway,I digress.On my way out,I picked up the ModelCo FibreLash mascara in my haste.Once home,it was promptly placed on my dresser,and there it sat,forgotten,for the rest of the week,until I decided to have a peek today.

Oh My! I'm no stranger to lengthening/thickening mascaras,however haven't seen anything similar to this before(surely serves me right for buying something without checking to see what it's all about!).
The product is double-ended,one side containing your regular mascara,and the other,containing these strange,fibery bits, I suppose.So the deal is,you apply a coat of mascara,followed by the fibres,then lastly,a finishing coat.
My thoughts? I personally found the mascara to be quite nice on its own.I have been pleased with ModelCo eye products in the past,and while this one lacked the definition I usually go for,my lashes did appear lengthened,as the product's name tells.
I found the fibre wand application to be a little irritating,and whilst applying the second coat of mascara,I wasn't entirely convinced that the fibres were actually staying on my lashes.I wouldn't recommend this to anyone with quite sensitive eyes,as some of the fibres did fall into my eye on application.Nice to try a little gimic every now and then,however I think I will stick to using falsh lashes and the occasional eyelash extensions-The results seemed too subtle to bother with all the fuss!
What whizz- bang gimmicy products have you decided to purchase lately?

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