Saturday, 12 May 2012

Oh, Illamasqua.

Hello there,just a little ramble in between study and ENDLESS cups of tea....I'm gearing up for exams and yet can't keep from wasting my time of facebook,reading blogs etc etc.I am the queen of procrastination!.This post has been inspired by my new found love for ILLAMASQUA..Having stopped by one of their counters in the city recently,and soon falling in love with their weird,wonderful and theatrical inspired makeup,I decided to dedicate a little post to my new obsession.I've often watched Youtube tutorials on creating quite crazy,'out there' looks,always of course using Illamasqua products,but had never thought much more of them.I have always been of the belief that makeup and fashion are a personal form of art,and while many of these looks are not entirely wearable,they do of course look AMAZING

                                                           *Illamasqua Myer Sydney opening

P.S: If you love quirky,theatrical makeup looks such as this,then definitely head over and have a peek at some creations by the lovely Pixiwoo girls on Youtube for inspiration.
Back to the books for me,bye for now :)

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